Hello,Welcome toAutomotive EEA China Summit -Call for Paper!

China Government Policies towards Comercial Vehicle Teleamtics and Marketing Devloping Prospects

Updated government policies and regulations of new energy commercial vehicle and telematics; 

Current development status and future trends; 

Discuss new business models of value-added services;

Remote Monitoring for Fuel Efficiency and Vehicle Safety

State of Art technologies of tracking with remote vehicle diagnostics and routing/ driver productivity; 

Remotely monitor the battery charge of electric vehicles for optimum and secure fleet management

Integrate with Infrastructure and Smart City

Development of V2I and V2X; 

car-to-cloud vehicle sensor data crowdsourcing for traffic, parking, weather and map services and cloud-to-car Over the Air Updates for life cycle

Develop Comprehensive Data Strategy

Understand advanced mining, analytical and integration techniques for data that generated from remote monitoring, including batteries, motors, driver behaviours etc.

Commercial Vehicle Technology Evolving

From aftermarket fleet telematics to embedded connectivity, active safety and ADAS, platooning and ultimately autonomous trucks. Understand real case studies; Cyber security management