Hello,Welcome to“Automotive E/E Architecture Technology China Conference 2019”!

“Automotive E/E Architecture Technology China Conference (AEATC) 2018” is an annual industry event to gather expert from academia, industry, and government to advance theories, methods, systems, and applications related to automotive E/E system. AEATC 2018 will be held on the 1st - 2nd Nov. in Shanghai China.

AEATC 2018 invites original contributions on all topics related to automotive E/E technologies, including, but not limited to:

* E/E in the Passenger vehicles: software / hardware platform, architecture, wire harness, safety security toward intelligent connected vehicles, highly automated and autonomous, vehicles; new enerty and electric vehicle; Mechatronics from 1,2 V to 1.200 V 

* E/E in the Commercial Vehicle

* E/E in Mobile Machinery

As the conference theme this year is “ Modeling and Optimizing Connected, Autonomous and New Energy Vehicle Electric/Electronic Architectures to Obtain Economical  Control of the Greater Complexity and Fulfill Future Communication, Power, Connectivity and Security Requirements”, papers highlighting the role of E/E technology as a broad multidisciplinary science tackling problems and creating synergies with cost cutting, safety, quality and productivity will be particularly welcomed.

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