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 Conference Day One | The 3rd Nov. 2020

08:00 Coffee Break & Registration 

09:00 Chairman Welcoming Speech 

09:10 AUTOSAR Helps Solve the Software Crisis

 09:40 AUTOSAR Development in China Introduce the latest development of the AUTOSAR   organization, especially the application of AUTOSAR at   partners in China. And the plan to strengthen the China   AUTOSAR community activities.

10:40 Social Networking & Coffee Break 

11:10 The Requirements of the Internet of Vehicles on the   e/e Architecture under 5G Technology 

11:40 Panel Discussion:   Discuss the pattern of the underlying system of future   automotive software: OEM? Tier 1? Other Internet   companies? Or are new entrants disrupting the industry? 

12:10 Social Networking & Luncheon 

13:00 Software Defined Vehicle – Opportunities and Challenges 

13:30 Bosch Electrical Electric and Architecture in evolution ”

As the concepts of service-oriented architecture and  software-defined vehicles are gradually implemented, each   OEM and supplier have their own different understandings.   This presentatio will illustrate to you that, In the face of this  new and far-reaching change, how did Bosch's architecture   department gradually move from a traditional electrical and   electronic architecture to a service-oriented architecture to   embrace software-defined vehicles. In addition, in the current   revolution, how should we focus on the current architecture so   that it can expand the service-oriented architecture design   while taking into account the traditional architecture. The   presentation will also introduce to you the development trend   of software-defined vehicles, current solutions and future   challenges. 

14:00 Discussion on electrical appliance architecture based on user  experience

14:30 The Evolution of Traditional EE Architecture 

With the continuous development and progress of intelligent network technology, traditional functional cars are transforming into smart cars, and users have higher and higher demands for new functions such as growth and personalization. Meeting the ever-increasing needs of users has become a problem. Although the central + regional architecture, high-performance HPC, SOA and other technologies provide ideal solutions, the excessively high technical threshold and high investment have made traditional car companies wonder about the fashionable concept of "software-defined cars". This speech will introduce how to explore the evolution of EE architecture in response to the practical problems faced by traditional OEMs.

15:30 Social Networking & Coffee Break 

16:00 How to Build a Safe, Stable, Efficient and Easy-to-use   Vehicle OTA system 

16:30 Panel Discussion:   From the perspective of the computing platform, evaluate   which functions should be put together in the process of   architecture update, which need to be distributed independently,   and which need to be updated frequently 

17:00 End of Conference Day One  

 Conference Day Two | The 4th Nov. 2020

09:00 Chairman Recap Day One Content 

09:10 How to Ensure that the Complexity of the Software-  Defined Electronic System is Controllable and Adapt  to Technical Requirements Based on Computing   Software and Artificial Intelligence 

09:40 Developing Autonomous Driving Software and Hardware   Architecture That Meets Functional Safety Fengjiang, Director Engineer EEA ChangAn Automotive 

10:10 The Build of Next Generation E/E Architecture Safety  and Security System  The core issue of intelligent connected vehicles (level L3   and above) is safety. Functional safety and information   security are complementary and inseparable to build a   security system for the electronic and electrical architecture   of intelligent connected vehicles. Based on this security   system, the intelligent network can be guaranteed. The   safety and reliability of the intelligent functions of connected   vehicles and the safety and reliability of connected control.  of intelligent connected vehicle technology; the safety   challenges faced by intelligent connected vehicles; the   necessity of building a security system for intelligent  connected vehicles and the construction of a new-  generation architecture security system 

10:40 Social Networking & Coffee Break 

11:10 How to Subvert and Refactor the Entire Automotive  Development Process under software-defined Vehicle 

11:40 Panel Discussion:   Automotive OEMs should make Software internally or   outsoured? How to define the boundary between independent   development and supplier procurement? How to formulate   pricing strategies and enter the market? What software needs   to be developed and how to achieve the optimal input-output   ratio? 

12:10 Social Networking & Luncheon

13:00 Development of Vehicle and Cloud Integrated Electronic   Architecture 

13:30 Design and Development of SOA Vehicle Architecture for   Intelligent Vehicle 

15:00 The car of the future – a "data center on wheels   • From distributed to domain and zonal architectures  • The CAR.OS and functional platform stacks  • OEM, Tech and supplier strategies  • Implications for the industry 

15:30 Social Networking & Coffee Break 

16:00 Discussion on Technical and Strategic Issues of Decoupling   Software and Hardware 

16:30 The Latest Automotive Ethernet Technology and its   Automotive Industrial Trends 

17:00 Panel Discussion:   Discuss the dispute between the Tesla model and the   traditional OEM model. Discuss the transformation of the  business model. It is possible for cars to charge service  fees through software  

17:30 End of Conference (Chairman Closing Remark)

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