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China Automotive E/E Architecture Conference 2018

Conference Day One

The 1st Nov. 2018 Thursday

08:00 Coffee Break & Registration
09:00 Chairman Welcoming Speech
09:10 Challenges and Strategies Facing the Future Electrical/Electronic Architecture in the Networked World

09:40 CAN-BUS Technologies (such as. BRR-based EthernetTechnology) and Relevant Testing Technoloies

10:10 Status Update on Time Sensitive Networking and CAN FD Enabling Next Generation of Automotive E/E Architecture

10:40 Social Networking & Coffee Break

11:10 Explore the Design of a Flexible and Reconfigurable Modern E/E Architecture

11:40 Panel Discussion: Discuss a clear strategy
for what development should be done inhouse and what shoud be done at external suppliers? Will the vehicle central control unit become an inevitable choice for the future? Explore who has more discretion in the Central Processing Unit? Is the Tier 1 or the Automotive OEMs?

12:00 Social Networking & Luncheon

13:30 Master the Development of Microprocessor Technology with Large Scale Data Processing Function

14:00 Discuss the Method and Model that can Evaluate the Business Value when Choosing the Architecture

14:30 Software Platform Technology(Including In-vehicle OS, such as ROS)

15:00 Understand the E/E Architecture System Designing Methods with the overall consider- ation of all the Hardware and Software in the Vehice, Cloud Factors, Transfering from the Current Domain Architecture to Multi-domain Architecture Configuration to Reduce the Amount of Wiring and Development Costs

15:30 Social Networking & Coffee Break

16:00 Hardware Technologies (HSM ‘Cyber Security’and lock step technology ‘Functional SafetyNew Chips Technologies etc.

16: 30 Re-exploration of Active Safety in the Field of E/E Architecture, including Vehicle Radar, Laser Radar, Visual Systems, Driver Status Monitoring and a Variety of Related Sensors and Actuators, etc.

17:00  End of Conference Day One

Conference Day Two

The 2nd Nov. 2018 Thursday

08:00 Coffee Break & Registration

09:00 Chairman Recap Day One Content

09:10 Starting from Multiple Perspectives, Develop
a New Distributed Architecture that Enables Advanced Features to work together to Protect Consumers from Cyber Attacks

09:40 Transfer Product Features to the Design of E/E Architecture in the context of Modularised E/E hardware

10:10 How to Build High-bandwidth, High real-time, High-security, High-reliability E/E Architecture to Meet the Needs of Smart Electric Vehicles

10:40 Social Networking & Coffee Break

11:10 Understand The Key Technology and Basic Communication Protocol Standard Development of the Application of CAN-BUS in New Type of Distributed Communication and Control System

11:40 Panel Discussion: There are a “Split State” between Cloud Platform and Automotive technology; Discuss is it necessary to develop a new revolutionary architecture? Or can we achieve our goals in the architecture we are currently using?

12:00 Social Networking & Luncheon

14:00 Explore the Development of Embedded Software Platform for Heterogeneous Open Structure of Intelligent Electric Vehicle

14:30 Explore Efficient and Reliable Information Security System for Smart Electric Vehicles

15:00 Developing Strategies of Commercial Vehicle E/E Architecture

15:30 Social Networking & Coffee Break

16:00 ECU Architecture Evolution for Autonomous Cars

16:30 Disruptive Changes in E/E and Software Architectures for Automated Driving

17:00 End of Conference (Chairman Closing Remark)

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