Hello,Welcome to“Automotive E/E Architecture Technology China Conference 2019”!

China EEA 2020 Agenda

Major Tpics:

  • • Demand for the new e/e architecture of the industrial chain

  • • The requirements of the Internet of Vehicles on the electronic and electrical architecture of vehicles under 5G technology

  • • Explore the agile development process

  • • What are the evolution trends of computing platforms, operating systems, and communication modules for smart cars? How to formulate corresponding strategies

  • • The computing power is concentrated in the center and in the cloud; the centralization idea of ECU

  • • How to ensure that the complexity of the software-defined electronic system is controllable

  • • Software architecture and functional safety

  • • Discussion on Technical and Strategic Issues of Decoupling Software and Hardware

  • • Software self-research or outsourcing? Unified software platform and its standards, how to rethink software development

  • • Discuss the dispute between Tesla model and traditional OEM model

  • • Explore the competition between OEM and Tier 1

  • • The R&D process, power structure and resource allocation pattern of automobile companies

  • • Explore the understanding of the domain

  • • Discuss the transformation of business model, it becomes possible for cars to collect service fees through software

  • • How to build a safe, stable, efficient and easy-to-use vehicle OTA system

  • • Adapt to technical requirements based on computing, software and artificial intelligence

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