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Next-generation Automotive Electronic Software System Architecture

Release Date:2017-05-10

With the changes in the electronic hardware architecture of the vehicle, the architecture of the onboard system platform software will also be accompanied by innovations. The integration of virtualization and software containers will make digital cockpit and intelligent driving technology safer and more highly integrated. Mr. Alan Zhang, the General Manager of Blackberry BTS / QNX Greater China, will make a keynote presentation at the upcoming “The China Automotive E/E Architecture Conference 2017” to be held on the 25-26 May in Shanghai. He will present on the topic of “Next-generation Automotive Electronic Software System Architecture " help you to explore the development of embedded software platform for heterogeneous open structure of intelligent electric vehicle


Mr. Alan Zhang, is currently working as General Manager of Blackberry BTS / QNX Greater China. He is incharge of Blackberry BTS / QNX operations in Greater China and Singapore. Mr. Zhang has years of embedded, automotive electronics, connected vehicle industry experiences, and is the expert in real-time operating system. He has worked in research and development, management and marketing works, Wuhan Institute of Posts and Telecommunications Science, Alcatel-Lucent, Wind River and other industry leading research institutions and companies. He has a number of national invention patents and a number of IETF drafts.


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