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Autoharvest/Cari Info

Release Date:2017-05-11

AutoHarvest Tag Line

AutoHarvest Foundation, a 501(C)3 nonprofit, created and operates a unique innovation ecosystem led by some of the most highly respected figures in the automotive and manufacturing industries.  In 2012, AutoHarvest.org was launched as the world’s only truly neutral and global on-line meeting place for innovators of all types with an interest in advanced manufacturing.  This system allows users of all types to showcase capabilities, technologies and needs system-wide and then privately connect with fellow inventors and commercializers to explore technology and business development opportunities of mutual interest. The AutoHarvest interest group consists of over 360 prominent R&D and manufacturing organizations from industry, government and academia. AutoHarvest is part of the Detroit Regional Innovation Network.

For more information visit: http://www.autoharvest.org  

CARI Internet《佳礼网》是全马**备有中文版和马来文版的生活门户网站,拥有超过3400万的浏览量,及330万的浏览户。其中的中文版就占了超过2000万浏览量和200万浏览户。中文版的《佳礼网》是一个集合搜寻、论坛、社交功能于一体的网站,内容应有尽有,涵盖新闻信息、网络热闻、生活资讯、旅游资讯及娱乐消闲,更有精彩视频。

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