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AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform

Release Date:2018-08-08

The AUTOSAR community has been grown to more than 200 partner companies since the first AUTOSAR Classic Platform specification was released more than ten years ago. Based on the well-established high quality standards, mature processes and strong communication channels inside this organization, AUTOSAR by now develops a completely new approach to cope with the challenging market trends in the automotive industry like internet access in cars, highly automated driving and vehicle to vehicle communication. The result of these activities during the last 4 years is an intelligent and flexible infrastructure SW which therefore is named AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. The platform runs on high end computing hardware and supports parallel processing on many core systems and GPUs. Consequently, it can also be used to host AI applications and will therefore support deep learning and video stream processing in real time. The POSIX nature of the operating system enables the deployment of customer applications during live time so that software updates over the air are complementing the feature set.

Since AUTOSAR has its roots in the automotive industry the highest priority of safety and security features is as self-evident as the compatibility to systems based on the AUTOSAR Classic Platform. Therefore a platform health management, ISO conform diagnostic functions and the support of end to end protection for sensitive communication channels are a must.

In contrast to the classic platform AUTOSAR now provides a sample implementation to further improve the quality of the specifications. After providing three intermediate releases the October release 2018 will finalize the major development phase of the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform.  

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Scharnhorst, Spokesperson AUTOSAR Development Partnership will give a speech on the topic of "AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform – Progress on the software framework for intelligent safe and secure mobility" that will include Challenges and use-cases; The Adaptive Platform release 18-10  and  AUTOSAR in the context of  Safety, Security and Artificial   Intelligence 

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