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Cyber-physical Systems (CPS) - Future Heterogeneous Multi-core E/E Architectures for Safety-critical Application

Release Date:2018-08-30

The field of embedded electronic systems, nowadays also called cyber-physical systems, is emerging nad technology challenging. A Cyber-Physical System (CPS) is a system featuring a tight combination and increasing monolythic integration of coorporating computational and physical elements. Today, a pre-cursor generation of cyber-physical systems can be found in smart on-demand automatized environments incl. areas as diverse as space, avionics, automotive, chemical processes, civil infrastructure, energy, healthcare, manufacturing (Industry 4.0), transportation, entertainment, and communication/consumer appliances. This generation is often referred to as embedded systems. In embedded multi-domain electronic systems the emphasis tends to be more on the real-time and HPC computational elements, and less on an intense link between the computational and physical elements. This results in the demand of newly decentralized/centralized operating intelligent, interconnected, as well as cross-domain and technology integrated CPS (I3CPS).


Multipurpose adaptivity and reliability features are playing more and more of a central role, especially while scaling silicon technologies down according to Moore´s benchmarks. Leading processor and mainframe companies are gaining more awareness of reconfigurable computing technologies due to increasing energy, computing and cost constraints. Our view is of an “all-win-symbiosis” of future silicon-based processor technologies and reconfigurable circuits/architectures. Moreover, dynamic reconfiguration has progressed from academic labs to industry research and development/product groups, providing additional high adaptivity options for an increasing range of applications and situations. Reliability, failure-redundancy and deterministic run-time adaptivity using real-time hardware reconfiguration and online-monitoring are important features for safety-critical embedded systems, e.g. for smart mobility in automotive, avionics, railway, etc. systems. Thus, scalability for corresponding E/E-Architectures, as we have experienced for the last 35 years is at its end as we enter new phases of technology constraints and certification conditions within such kind of cyber-physical mobility application domains. Beyond the capabilities of traditional reconfigurable fabrics (like FPGAs), here multi-/many-Core solutions are actually the only alternative on the semiconductor roadmap. This requires urgently new solutions for programming, standards, reference technology platforms (RTP) by integrating such kind of parallelized heterogenous architectures, platforms and compatible tool flows, e.g. especially not to block future innovations in these important emerging application domains.


The talk will discuss the corresponding challenges of actual and future multi-core platforms including the reliable integration of adaptive reconfigurable technologies. Especially on-demand accelerators and monitors for innovative industry-relevant approaches with scalable hardware/software integration and various virtualization solutions are crucial in this context. The talk will focus on embedded heterogenous multi-core E/E architecture solutions, platform development methods, processes and tool flows. Here different safety-critical applications and multi-domain use-cases in automotive, avionics as well as in Industry 4.0 will be discussed, e. g. within the context of corresponding flagship project initiatives like ARAMiS (Automotive, Railway and Avionics Multicore Systems) and ARAMiS II:




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