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Development of China National Key Special Project - R&D of Intelligent Electric Vehicle E/E Architecture

Release Date:2018-09-26

At the beginning of this year, the National Key R&D Program New Energy Vehicle Key Special Project 2017 Project “Intelligent Electric Vehicle Electronic and Electrical Architecture R&D” kick-off meeting was held in Tianjin. The project was led by China Automotive Technology Research Center. At the project kick-off meeting, the New Energy Vehicle Special Office introduced the relevant management policies of the national key R&D plan, and requested to further clarify the node deliverables at each stage, study the potential risks in the project implementation in advance, and take countermeasures. The project is based on the next generation of intelligent electric vehicle electrical and electronic architecture research and development, covering architecture, network, information security, embedded software, electromagnetic compatibility and other fields. Through the implementation of the project, it will effectively improve the research and development level of China's intelligent electric vehicle electrical and electronic architecture.

At the upcoming “Automotive E/E Architecture Technology China Conference 2018" to be held on the 1-2 Nov. Shanghai, CATARC will give a keynote speech about the Interpretation of project development background; intelligent networked electric vehicle electrical and electronic architecture development challenges; electrical architecture design requirements to meet intelligent network requirements; next-generation vehicle bus technology development; open embedded software platform development introduced; and key development status quo of function safety and information security to help you master national development standards and improve your product development level

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