Hello,Welcome to“Automotive E/E Architecture Technology Innovation Conference 2021”!

Aggregation and integration of next-generation vehicle computing and the OS technologies

Release Date:2019-08-15

As the C.A.S.E, namely Connected, Autonomous, Sharing/Service, and Electric have become the driving force of the vehicle design, the E/E architecture design will also inevitably change. The design shift challenges the current highly distributed vehicle computing architecture, as the software needs to be aggregated and integrated to the level that is never imagined before. The software platform such as AUTOSAR or ROS with its underlying OS will be the key to realize a high-performance but energy-efficient, deterministic, cost-effective safe system. This talk will provide insights into the software challenges and the role OS plays to tackle the E/E architecture design shift.

For more detailed speakers and presentationt topics please CLICK HERE to download the EEA2019 Agenda 

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