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Release Date:2019-08-20

China automotive (http://www.autochinazh.com/) mainstream media sankei shimbun, with the advantages in the industry background, with high-end vision, noble taste

Adhering to the independent standpoint, exclusive coverage and unique observation, together industry knowledge, promote industrial innovation, giving full play to the advantages of the Internet and travel agencies, such as silicon valley wisdom cooperation wisdom travel project docking, sharing economy, automobile industry policy oriented, communication, artificial intelligence, unmanned vehicle networking schools, big data analytics, emerging mobile travel, intelligence traffic ecological system, market information, news, etc.

Covering the automobile industry of high-end (government, industry and business executives), departments, relevant government agencies, etc. For communication between the enterprise and the government, enterprises and consumers, industry layout, study overseas exchange, exhibition BBS, providing business services and marketing solutions.

Automobile brake net (www.chebrake.com) is the China association of automobile manufacturers brake committee's official website, focus on the latest information of automobile brake and relevant industry, advanced technology, maintenance knowledge and market dynamics, is dedicated to automotive brake industry technology, marketing and management personnel, to provide one-stop information platform.

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