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Release Date:2019-08-20

Robot library (www.jiqirenku.com) is committed to the media and the power of the Internet, the enterprise information exchange platform for robot, robot industry enterprises to provide brand advocacy, information consulting, marketing services and other services, media, industry portal media is influential robot industry.

Auto world originally from shenzhen McCarty network technology co., LTD. Was founded in October 2001, automotive world network is the earliest established professional portal website, is also the largest in south China area business car web, daily average of nearly 1 million PV. Auto world aimed at the masses of users to provide a more professional, interactive and open network platform, the real-time information, new car reviews, authoritative data and content aspects, such as new models and quotation is kept updated 24 hours a day. 7 days

Auto world is still in platform construction, information maintenance, website promotion, etc to spend, introduced a number of high-level technical personnel, formed a professional assessment team, not only can obtain first-hand car information accurately, and quickly spread, but also a senior editors will test new car, the car appearance, power, control, etc, to conduct a comprehensive and detailed explanation, and illustrated to show the general point. 2018 car world new facelift, focus on creating professional automotive media, electricity trading and boutique event planning three major platform for the integration of new business layout.

Auto world originally by McCarty network technology co., LTD. Was founded in October 2001, 2015 by sea spirit holdings wholly-owned acquisitions, in the sea, under the guidance of spirit holding car world strong unceasingly. In 2017, auto world be co-opted to vice President of automobile association units in guangdong province. Now, the car world based on shenzhen, radiation to the whole country, is now covering guangzhou, dongguan, foshan, zhongshan, taizhou, chongqing and other regions. In the next five years, the car world will cover one hundred cities across the country. When the car of the world is full of, and won the title of "top 10 new media award!

Look around world, with car world!

Auto world: http://www.mycar168.com

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