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Release Date:2019-08-20

AI China website (www.cnaiplus.com), China's most professional artificial intelligence technology to the portal.

AI China is committed to the broad masses of users to provide a full range of artificial intelligence, information service, let the wisdom of science and technology to benefit more people. For the majority of smart technology entrepreneurial team, business, media, will provide the most professional exhibitors institutions such as industry information, product information, expert comments, to join hands in creating sustainable high quality media resources; Pre-sale guidance for the intelligence of the broad masses of customers to provide professional products, including price, choose and interaction services such as news, reviews, new product trial.

AI China founding team: founding member of the team with the Beijing university of posts and telecommunications graduate student degree, worked at sina science and technology, 58 city respectively, baihe and other large domestic Internet company of science and technology. Editorial team from 21st century business herald, analysys international institutions such as the media institutions. Achieve mastery through a comprehensive cross-industry, type of work, to make our report more professional, more depth, more ground.

AI Chinese technology: by entities associated build unified the entity - relationship graph structure model, provides a unified knowledge base and knowledge map, supports cross domain data link and discovery. Using machine learning method and engineering on the depth of text mining, promote the content of secondary distribution of transmission, automatic extraction of key words in the text, search, content recommendation accuracy. At the same time, the article will pass AI China has its own channel resources, multi-channel distribution display.

We hope together with colleagues more intelligent technology, sheer endeavour, music and flowery glorious chapter of China's artificial intelligence cause!

Guangdong bit information advertising development co., LTD. Was established in 1999, is a professional electronics manufacturing information provider in China, has been committed to the electronic manufacturing industry to provide quality and comprehensive information, meetings, trade, talent and improve the supply chain, etc. Large since its inception, the bits of leading the industry professional journals, vertical portal, professional meeting four business platform and customer service center, covers almost all of the electronic manufacturing, has become the electronic machine industry and magnetic components, semiconductor devices, micro-motor and connectors for information communication channels between the component industry.

In recent years, large bit more vigorously develop new technical seminar, actively create face to face communication opportunity for upstream and downstream enterprises, electronic manufacturing is dedicated to provide you with multi-channel and all-round services, online and offline interaction, in order to promote industrial progress, realize win-win industries.


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