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Media Cooperation

Release Date:2019-10-25

OneSmart Technology Co.,Ltd. is a Chinese leading intelligent industry media and innovative service platform,  focusing on innovative entrepreneurship and traditional industry upgrades driven by new technologies centered on artificial intelligence. Since its official launch in August 2016, OneSmart Technology Co.,Ltd. has taken the vision of “focusing on AI changes, serving for industrial upgrade”. At present, it has created two well-known media brands, Zhidx and Chedongxi, as well as launched the ZhidxClass and GTIC two innovative industrial services.

Established in 2010, the First Electric Network is the largest vertical media in the electric vehicle industry in China, covering more than 3,000 vehicle and core parts companies and one million electric vehicle consumers in the future.
We provide industry users with policy, technology, capital, people and other industry information, product and transaction information data, professional research reports, etc., and provide electric vehicle consumers with electric vehicle guidance, evaluation, group purchase, distribution and display services.

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