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Functional Safety Design and Verification of AUTOSAR Basic Software

Release Date:2019-11-04

AUTOSAR is an international automotive open system architecture that implements the decoupling of hardware and software, basic software and application software, defines advanced development methodology, and is the mainstream technology direction in the field of automotive electronic control. The ISO 26262 standard defines the safety level of electronic/electrical systems and the system development process, and is the main standard for functional safety of automotive electronic systems. As a software company focusing on AUTOSAR products and technologies, iSOFT Infrastructure Software Co; is committed to promoting the application of AUTOSAR technology in China.

Mr. Xiaoxian Zhang, the Executive Deputy General Manager Automotive of iSOFT Infrastructure Software Co. and the Secretary General of CASA, will make a presentation on the topic of "Functional Safety Design and Verification of AUTOSAR Basic Software". The report mainly introduces the factors that affect the functional security of the basic software, as well as the process of functional safety design and verification of Puhua's own AUTOSAR basic software.

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