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Speaker: Zheng Ji, EEA Expert / Senior System Engineer, Bosch Engineering China

Bio: Mr.Ji Zheng joined Bosch China in 2016 after returning from the United States. Combining previous experience from electrical, computer, and system engineering, Ji Zheng started working in Bosch Engineering division and has since been responsible for E/E-Architecture related topics, during which he is familiarized with communication and integration topics between functions, systems, and components. Throughout his Bosch experience, Ji Zheng is also responsible for a few international project development, and is expertized with E/E-Architecture methodology and model based systems. At the same time Ji Zheng is responsible for alignment and collaboration of E/E-Architecture related tasks between different Bosch business units and regions.


Since 2018, Ji Zheng has been appointed as E/E-Architecture Expert of Bosch Engineering division, he is responsible for various state of the art E/E-Architecture development projects. He aims to deliver a mainstream solution for different functionalities that could be realized with different variant of components. He is currently combining Bosch product portfolio to create a more lean and flexible solution to solve future E/E-Architecture challenges while delivering reliable designs.

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