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Speaker: Xiaoping Zhang, President, ACTIA GROUP

Bio: Mr. Zhang Xiaoping founded ACTIA  (Shanghai) Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. in July 2003. Since then, he has introduced the leading electronic and electrical architecture, technology and related products in Europe to lead the development of the industry. In September 2004, he wrote “Application of On-board Local Area Network CAN Bus Technology on Passenger Cars”, which was the first to introduce the advanced bus master-slave CAN bus control system in Europe to the Chinese bus market, and promote the adoption of CAN bus in high-grade highway passenger cars. As a standard configuration, the control system has become mandatory for writing JT/T325 “Classification and Rating of Operating Bus Types”, which lays the foundation for the follow-up development of China's passenger car information technology; since 2013, the company team has been developed to develop DMT vehicles. Intelligent information system solutions (D: Diagnosis - car fault diagnosis; M: Multiplexing - car bus network; T: Telematics - car networking), and promoted in the country, to meet the new energy bus that began to become mainstream for intelligent informationization High requirements; starting in 2013, the “EBSF Project-European Future Bus System” will be introduced in the industry forum; starting in 2016, the latest ITxPT standards in Europe will be introduced in the industry. In 2019, the company launched the ITxPT intelligent network architecture and related products in the Chinese market.

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