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Speaker:  Masaki Gondo, CTO and GM Technology Headquarters, eSOL Co., Ltd.

Bio: Masaki is CTO at eSOL, the company that provides POSIX/AUTOSAR/TRON RTOS, various embedded software development tools and engineering services. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of OS architecture and related technologies for use in a wide range of embedded system applications including automotive, industrial, and electronic appliances. In the last decade he is working on a scalable heterogenous-multi-manycore OS, application parallelization tools, domain-knowledge-based machine learned driver models, Scrum development, and functional safety. He also acts as an architect of AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform specification, IEEE C/DA/SHIM WG Chair, Multicore Association SHIM Working Group chair, Vice-chair of Embedded Multicore Consortium, Chief Architect for AUBASS, visiting research fellow at Advanced Multicore Processor Research Institute at Waseda University, among others.

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