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Keynote Speaker


Speaker: Kenji Nishikawa, Project General Manager E/E Architecture Development Div. TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION

Bio: Enters Toyota Motor Corporation in 1990after obtaining Master of Engineering at Kyoto University. Engaged indevelopment of Software for Chassis Control Systems (ESP, ABS, 4WS) in the 90s.Assigned to Toyota Motor Europe  from1999-2003 and 2005-2008 and became in charge of developing AutomotiveElectronicsSystems for European market. Joined AUTOSAR activities when the project startedin 2004 and became a Steering Committee member as a representative from Toyotauntil 2018. After returning to Toyota Japanin 2009, became responsible for the development ofToyota Standard Basic Software and successfully brought AUTOSARbasedBSW into all Toyota vehicles.

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