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Dr.-Ing. Thomas Scharnhrost,  AUTOSAR Development Partnership

Bio: Dr. Thomas Scharnhorst received a MSc in Aero-Astronautics at MIT in Cambridge (USA) and graduated from TU Berlin as Dr.-Ing. in 1979. Being at Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg from 1980-2008, among others he was responsible for almost 15 years for electronic development and became finally director of vehicle systems electronics until 2008. Dr Scharnhorst was involved from the very beginning in the founding of the development partnership AUTOSAR. He became spokesperson from 2004-2006 and again for 2017-2018. From 2005-2008 he was Managing Director of CARMEQ GmbH in Berlin . Thereafter he became Partner of WiTech-Engineering in Braunschweig for management and technology consult.

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