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BAIC Group

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BAIC Group Co., Ltd., ( BAIC Group for short) headquartered in Beijing, capital of China, is one of the key automobile groups in China’s auto industry. With more than 50 years history, BAIC Group has developed into an integrated and modernized enterprise group with complete vehicle manufacturing as its core business, and with diversified development of R&D and components manufacturing, automobile service trade, education, finance and general aviation. At present, BAIC Group is listed the 160th on Fortune 500 and ranked the 4th in the top ten China Best Employer Award winners in 2015 and the 1st in the Automotive industry.

  BAIC Group has many complete vehicle enterprises such as BAIC MOTOR, Beijing Benz Automotive, Beijing Hyundai Motor, Changhe Automobile, BAIC Foton, BAW, and BAIC Yinxiang and various brands, making itself one of the automobile groups with the most complete automobile product categories in China. BAIC Group is also a new energy automobile group with capability in developing the three core components of new energy vehicles and has managed to produce new energy vehicles by itself. BAIC Group has supplied nearly 40 types of new energy automobile products in China, making itself leading in the types and quantities of new energy automobile products. Besides, BAIC Group, through its strategic cooperation with Pacific Aerospace Limited from New Zealand, has formally stepped into the general aviation industry. 

  BAIC Group has its industrial chain in over ten provinces and cities of China such as Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Hunan, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Yunan, and more than 10 overseas automobile plants in Pakistan, Russia, India and so on.  In 2015, BAIC Group achieved 2.489 million sales volume, 345.22billion RMB revenue, creating a healthy industrial structure layout and good development prospects. 

  With the goal of improving its core competitive ability, BAIC Group is persistent in combining international cooperation with self-directed development, adjusting and perfecting its product mix and industrial structure, improving its comprehensive competitive ability of the whole value chain and facilitating its transfer from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to an enterprise that focuses on manufacturing, service and innovation. In this way, BAIC Group is trying to make itself an automaker and service provider that is able to compete internationally. For those who are pursuing  pleasant and efficient transportations, BAIC Group offers a wide range of safe and eco-friendly solutions or services with high technology and good quality. The mission of  BAIC Group is to  become the best one in providing the customers with high-quality services.

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