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HiRain Technologies

  • summary: ​Our innovations drove America's move from family farms to agricultural dominance. Then from local economies to the largest economy in the world. Today, wherever innovation drives global markets forward, you'll find us taking the lead. We are Navistar. And this is our drive to deliver.

Since founded in 1998, HiRain Technologies has become one of the leading Chinese suppliers for development tools, automotive electronic products, consulting and training services.

The company is headquartered in Beijing with global offices/operations including China (Tianjin, Shanghai,Beijing), North American (Detroit & Chicago), and Europe (Dusseldorf & Munich).

HiRain is guided by the principles of delivering exceptional customer value, high quality products and superior customer service. The company is driven by a very talented team 65% of whom hold either Doctorate or Masters Degrees in engineering or business. Together, we have created a corporate culture which strongly encourages cooperation and communication while advocating creativity and innovation through scientific enquiry.

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