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Dong Feng Motor

  • summary: Certainly PLK Technologies does not design the Robot TaekwonV, however we do design and develop the eyes of artificially intelligent automobile. PLK Technologies does not make the entire artificially intelligent automobile but do design and develop the camera assembly. Yet, we are proud of designing, manufacturing and distributing the world top notch, state-of-art artificial intelligence camera presently.From now on, we are committed to move forward to world market with our own camera products developed and produced with in house technologies. PLK Technologies is determined to realize a dream of offering the technologies developed by perspiration of PLK employees as the global standards, and further, becoming the world best technologies and products. Through hard work and sweat, we will always follow the dream of becoming Korean Standards and providing the world’s best technologies and products.

Dongfeng Motor Corporation (its predecessor, the Second Automotive Works) was established in 1969 and it is one of the largest mainstay SEOs in the PRC.. Its headquarter is now located in Wuhan—the capital city Hubei Province in Central China, known as “the thoroughfare to nine provinces”, with its major production facilities distributed in Shiyan, Xiangyang, Wuhan and Guangzhou. DFM has a wide coverage of business scope, engaged in the manufacture, sales and R&D of whole serial commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, auto parts and components, vehicle manufacturing equipments and auto related business.

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