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  • summary: Hinge Tech is to be the global leading company of automotive electronic platform designer and provider, incl. infotainment head unit, automotive Ethernet architect and component, ADAS sensor/ECU and so on, to provide the solutions of in-vehicle communication, Telematics communication and V2V communication; also to provide solutions of in-vehicle computing, distribute embedded computing and cloud computing for automotive.

Shanghai Hinge Tech Co., Ltd. was established in October 2014 and is headquartered in Shanghai Digital Industry Park. At present, it has four R&D centers and one production base in China. The company's goal is to master the design and implementation capabilities of the world's leading, domestically filled smart car distributed electronic system architecture, providing automotive Ethernet smart cockpit system, automotive Ethernet intelligent driving interconnection system, automotive Ethernet intelligent driving perception system platform architecture design And core components; provide automotive electronics "three networks (intranet, Telematics, inter-vehicle)" and "three computing (local computing, fog computing, cloud computing)" and other integrated products and system solutions. Committed to vertically integrating automotive electronic digital and intelligent software and hardware platforms, helping domestic customers to build automotive intelligent electronic products that meet the needs of the local market and have global core competitiveness, and finally become the emerging backbone of the global automotive electronics digitalization and intelligent revolution.

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