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Bosch's solution to the current challenges of the E/E architecture

Release Date:2019-07-20


With the development of smart connected, autonomous driving, electric vehicles and shared travel, software, computing power and advanced sensors are gradually becoming dominant. One of the consequences of this change is that the vehicle architecture will become a service-oriented architecture (SOA) based on a common computing platform. The road to new software and electronic architecture is far from clear!



In the "China Automotive Electronics and Electrical Architecture Technology Innovation and Development Forum 2018", Mr. Ji Zheng, an expert in electrical and electronic architecture from Bosch Engineering (China), gave a wonderful speech on the challenges and solutions of the current automotive electronic and electrical architecture. Mr. Ji Zheng likened the electronic and electrical architecture to a house. He thought that how to build a good car and electronic and electrical structure is the same as building a house. To build a house, it is necessary to build several floors. What type of car, the room inside is the same as our function and needs.


First of all, Mr. Ji Zheng shared some development processes of the concept of electrical and electronic architecture through Bosch's experience and case: First, when designing an architecture, it needs a list of functions at first, and needs some requirements. Put the functions and requirements into the function modules. With these modules, you can embed them in the components, and judge whether my hardware can meet my functions and requirements according to the previous requirements. When we have these After the parts, we know how to connect them together, enter the harness layer, and finally put these harnesses and parts into a whole vehicle.




Then Mr. Ji Zheng briefly listed some of the problems and challenges faced by the current automotive electrical and electronic architecture: 1. The complexity of the function, taking the start and stop function of the car as an example, and the car used the information domain and chassis to achieve this function. The five domains, including the transition, brakes, and powertrain, are very complex. 2, the whole problem of the connection outside the car, now the car has more ports, such as: Bluetooth, smart phones, CDs, etc., these and externally connected ports are more vulnerable to attacks, causing safety problems for the car. 3, extensibility and scalability issues, such as hardware and software refresh, our hardware and software in different models of different platforms can be used. 4. Communication: Communication is not just a communication within the car. Communication now has many challenges and bottlenecks, interactions between the car and the communication navigation, interaction between the car and the car, and interaction between the car and the outside. How to face these challenges, Ji Zong believes that we need to make a better EEA platform, update our communication technology, and then improve some of our security capabilities and awareness, as well as some development and architecture of ECU software and hardware. .



Finally, Mr. Ji Zheng shared some solutions from Bosch and showed the evolution of Bosch's automotive electronics architecture: first combine some of the sensors and processors of the car, one ECU solves multiple functions; The controller does a little more powerful, combining the domain and the domain, allowing a domain controller to control multiple domains; then using a vehicle computer to control all domains; finally using some clouds to do some calculations and processing and vehicle The computers are merged together into the actuators and sensors that are transmitted to the car, so that they only need to do some action. Mr. Ji Zheng believes that when doing a good structure, the communication of each business unit is very important, so that all business units can coordinate the same solution.

"China Automotive Electronic and Electrical Architecture Technology Innovation and Development Forum 2019" will be held in Shanghai on November 7-8, and Mr. Ji Zheng will continue to present a wonderful speech for everyone, so stay tuned!

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