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AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform - a standardized SW platform for intelligent vehicles with functional security and data integrity

Release Date:2019-08-04

The AUTOSAR development partnership has grown to more than 270 partner companies since the first AUTOSAR Classic Platform specification was released more than twelve years ago. This classic platform is widely adopted in the automotive industry and can be found in many modern vehicles. But it was soon recognized that this approach will be not sufficient to meet the coming challenges of future vehicles. Highly automated driving with high demands for functional safety as well as of security will lead to massive changes of the E/E-architecture in vehicles both for hardware as well as for software. Centralized manycore processors will play a significant role in the vehicle architecture, new features like over the air- (OTA-) update and upgrade of services as well as the move from signalbased to serviceoriented communication will lead to massive change, in addition communication between vehicles or between vehicles and infrastructure demand for very high levels of data integrity and communication security. AUTOSAR develops since 2015 an intelligent and flexible infrastructure SW which is named AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. The cornerstones of this adaptive platform have been consolidated in spring 2019 and provide developers a sound basis for project realization. Further features will come with the next releases in a 6-12 month schedule. The platform runs on high end computing hardware and supports parallel processing on many core systems and GPUs. Since AUTOSAR has its roots in the automotive industry the highest priority of safety and security features is as self-evident as the compatibility to systems based on the AUTOSAR Classic Platform. An appropriate software framework for safe and secure next generation vehicles is now available. For more detailed speakers and presentationt topics please CLICK HERE to download the EEA2019 Agenda 

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