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Geely Auto Released CMA Architecture Competing with TOYOTA TNGA and Volkswagen MQB

Release Date:2019-10-11

On April 28th, Geely Automobile officially released the Geely CMA architecture, opening the new generation of digital twin factory under the Geely CMA architecture for the first time, and launched the first Chinese original user satisfaction evaluation standard “GCPA-101”.
The full name of the CMA architecture is the Compact Modular Architecture, which is the first mid-level vehicle infrastructure module jointly developed by Volvo and Geely and Volvo. It was born in CEVT (CEIBS Automotive Technology Center). It has been developed by more than 2,000 top automotive engineers from 25 countries. It has been developed for more than three years. It represents the ultimate engineer spirit and brings together the wisdom of global car manufacturing. 609 items.

As a “smart cube” with a high degree of flexibility and scalability, the CMA architecture covers the development of different models from A to B, providing technology, tool chain, standards, process and supply chain for different platforms. Shared solutions such as systems. When the model is being developed, it can be selected from the shared list according to the positioning, and then the targeted research and development will be carried out.

China is the world's largest auto market. As the leader of Chinese auto brands, Geely has a deeper understanding of the needs of Chinese drivers and is committed to becoming the "most understandable Chinese car brand." Geely CMA is Geely's core value concept based on "humanity, innovation and excellence". Based on the world's leading technology of CMA architecture, it is integrated into China's driving DNA and developed for Global Industry 4.0 based on the development and manufacturing standards of luxury vehicles. The outstanding product birth system.

The CMA architecture was first launched in 2016. Together with Toyota TNGA and Volkswagen MQB, which were launched or first launched in 2012, they built the “ABC” of the world's three major automotive architectures.

It is understood that the CMA architecture is based on the highest standards in the world and redefines the new heights of global standards in terms of safety, reliability and quality. The CMA architecture is equipped with the world's leading active safety system and adopts stricter safety verification standards than the highest standards in the world. It achieves the highest star safety standards in safety collision tests in China, the United States and Europe. In terms of reliability, the CMA-engined engine and transmission have a design life of 350,000 kilometers, both of which are 46% higher than international standards. At the same time, the CMA architecture is based on the world's leading luxury texture. The R angle of stamping parts, stamping accuracy, sheet metal gap error accuracy of the opening and closing parts, chassis sound insulation, chassis assembly, and electric torque tightening deviation accuracy are also higher. Industry standards, redefining the quality standards of higher luxury textures.

(Photo: CMA architecture)

At the same time, the CMA architecture has three global leading advantages in the fields of electrical and electronic architecture, chassis and powertrain. CMA's electronic and electrical architecture leads the world in meeting the ongoing upgrades of new technologies such as 5G communications, high-performance processors and radar. CMA architecture is known as the "best mid-level car architecture", the world's leading "wire-controlled chassis" and innovative chassis design, can quickly respond to driver's intentions, accurately feedback road information, and truly achieve "intuitive driving control, intentions Immediate action." In addition, Geely CMA architecture is also the best-powered mid-size car structure. Power systems such as 2.0TD, 1.5TD, 7DCT / 7DCT-H gearboxes, etc., have achieved even greater power and economy through continuous improvement of engine power and torque. High-level balance leads the global electrification trend.

 “The 3rd Annual China Automotive E/E Architecture Technology Innovation Conference” organized by GRCC, endorsed by CASA and OPEN Alliance is going to be held on the 7 - 8 Nov. 2019 in Shanghai. This year we gathered worldwide leading decision makers from traditiional automotive OEMs, new Internet Automakers and tier 1s including  Geely, Toyota, Continental, Aptiv, Saic Motor, Faw Group, Cherry Auto, GreatWall Auto, Visteon, Bosch, Human Horizon, NIO, Chehejia, Human Horizon, etc. EEA 2019 features with latest industry development information including  Autosar, Ethernet, ISO26262, ASPICE, Connected Architecture (5G), EEA design solutions and comparisons of their advantages, evaluation of EEA solution, EEA application scenario, cloud control, safety and security, EEA standard, vehicle computing and the OS technologieswiring harness design and SOA etc. providing you with a high profile and precious platform to meet your business partners and updating your industry knowhow and techniques. 

Part of Speaker Lineup and topics: 

Speaker: Dongjie Song, Chief Engineer EEA Design,
Commercial Vehicle R&D, Geely New Energy
Commercial Vehicle

Bio: Mr. Song is currently working as Chief Engineer
of Electric and Electrical Architecture Design at
Commercial Vehicle Research Institute of Geely New
Energy Commercial Vehicle Company. Before He has
worked at Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Technology
Center for 14 years. Mr. Song started to research and
work at EEA field.


Speaker: Zulong Xu, Senior Manager of
Advance & Platform, Yanfeng Visteon


Bio: Mr. Xu Zulong, is currenty the Senior
Manager of Advance & Platform in Yanfeng
Visteon. He is responsible for innovative
technology, platform development and
product strategic planning, including in
vehicle infotainment, cluster, vehicle display,
cockpit domain controller, HMI and


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