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Roundtable Discussion: How EEA faces Rapid

Release Date:2019-10-11

Roundtable Discussion Topic: “Future mobile travel mode & vehicle market development trend; new technologies and new functions bring challenges to EEA architecture; How the vehicle architecture faces rapid development of new electronic and electrical technologies; The site will also explore the key technologies, development trends and other technologies that need to be broken. These include high-speed network technology, domain controller technology, service-oriented architecture technology, the driving force of various technology developments, and the feasibility of existing solutions. And there are no more reasonable plans and other focus topics."

Speaker: Dongjie Song, Chief Engineer EEA Design, Commercial Vehicle R&D, Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle

Bio: Mr. Song is currently working as Chief Engineer of Electric and Electrical Architecture Design at Commercial Vehicle Research Institute of Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle Company. Before He has worked at Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Technology Center for 14 years. Mr. Song started to research and work at EEA field.

Speaker: Chenghe Wang, System Architect and Senior Specialist, Yanfeng Visteon

Bio: Chenghe Wang is System Architect and Senior Specialist in Yanfeng Visteon, He is mainly responsible for system architecture design of smart connectivity product. He is senior specialist in system architecture design of smart connectivity product, he graduated from Tsinghua University with BS and MS in 2002. He joined Yanfeng Visteon in 2005, in the past 14 years, He was responsible for software architecture design and system architecture design of Audio Infotainment and Smart Connectivity product. He support successful launch of infotainment product of more than 10 vehicle for multiple popular OEMs.

Speaker: Ruilin Shi, Director E/E Architecture, Chery Auto

Bio: Mr Shi has nearly 20 years of experience in vehicle circuit, controller development and architecture development. He has built several electrical architecture platforms, which have been verified by mass production models and achieved excellent performance in terms of cost, flexibility and reliability.

Speaker: Feng Jiang, Senior Electronic and Electrical Architecture Engineer, Intelligent Research Institute, Changan Auto 

Bio: Mr. Jiang is currently the Senior Electronic and Electrical Architecture Engineer of Intelligent Research Institute at Changan Automobile Company . He has 15 years of experience in R&D of automotive electronics and has been working in the field of vehicle electrical and electronic architecture since 2016.

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