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Speaker:Mr. Fengmin Tang , Director of Automotive Electronics Department, Fifth Development Division, China Automotive Technology Research Center, Automotive Engineering Research Institute. 


Bio: Working Experiences: July 2007-January 2010: Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. Electronic and Electrical Department February 2010-present: China Automotive Technology Research Center Automotive Engineering Research Institute Department of Electronics. Since 2007, he has been engaged in the research and development of electrical and electronic architecture. He has rich experience in the development process of electrical and electronic architecture, vehicle bus, functional safety, electrical architecture, and the use of PREEvision software. He has experience in the development of electrical and electronic architecture for 15 models. Presided over the compilation of the electronic and electrical architecture part of the national major special project "Intelligent Connected Vehicle Electronic and Electrical Architecture Development" and "Intelligent Connected Vehicle Technology Roadmap 2.0".

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