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Speaker: Xiaoxian Zhang, Executive Deputy General Manager, iSOFT Infrastructure SoftwareCo; Secretary General of CASA

Bio: Mr. Zhang Xiaoxian, graduated from the Computer Science Department of Fudan University in 1989. He worked at the 32nd Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd., responsible for embedded real-time operating system in independent intellectual property rights, embedded software integration development environment, embedded real-time middleware and embedded real-time database management system, promotes the application of the above-mentioned domestic embedded basic software in the fields of rail transit, automotive electronics, information appliances, industrial control and various weapons and equipment.

Mr. Zhang is currently working for iSOFT Infrastructure Software Co., Ltd. As the Executive Deputy General Manager of the Automotive Electronics Division. He is responsible for the marketing promotion and R&D of automotive electronics embedded basic software platforms and tools, automotive electronic automation simulation test systems and new energy vehicle controller products; Responsible for the implementation of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” and “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” ‘s special topics of Core-electronics, High-end-general-Chips, and Infrastructural-software. At the same time, he served as Secretary General of China Automotive Electronics Basic Software Independent R&D and Industrialization Alliance and Director of Shanghai Transportation Electronics Industry Association.

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